Fail Forward Contest 2017 Entrance Form
It's easy to participate in the Fail Forward Contest. Step 1 is to sign up!

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Step 2 of the Fail Forward Contest! Submit a project report on GlobalGiving for donors, which describes a time when your organization tried something new that didn't go as planned and how your organization learned from it!

You must submit a report by Friday, October 27th Midnight EST to be eligible for prizes!
What project will you be submitting your Fail Forward story for? Please use your project number. *

You can find your project number above the title of your project on the main project page! See example below.
Step 3: In your Fail Forward report submission, make sure to include this paragraph for donors:

This project report is a submission to GlobalGiving's 2017 Fail Forward Contest, where organizations are asked to share a story of when they tried something new that didn't go as planned and how they learned from it. Enjoy!
Thank you for signing up for the 2017 Fail Forward Contest!

Submit your Fail Forward report by October 27th midnight EST to be eligible to win!

If you have any questions, please reach out at!
More details here!
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