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This project must include how it supports women and/or girls in the project summary and be tagged for women and girls to participate. Please note this is your project ID and not your organization ID. Your project ID can be found that the top of your project page above the title - "Project #"
Please include a link to your project URL: *

If selected for the GlobalGiving Girl Fund, I will maintain an active project for a full year following the close of the campaign. *

Please note if you win a spot in the GlobalGiving Girl Fund, you are expected to keep your project Active on GlobalGiving for the duration of 2018.

If selected for the GlobalGiving Girl Fund, I am willing to commit up to 10 hours to help select the other two members of the Fund based on the impact of their work on the lives of girls around the world. *

Please note winners of the GlobalGiving Girl Fund Campaign must be able to help select the other two winners between March 16th- March 28th. 

Thank you for signing up for the GlobalGiving Girl Fund Campaign! Remember there are two ways to earn a spot in the Girl Fund.

#1. Be one of the top 4 projects with the most unique donors in the Girl Fund campaign.

 #2. Submit one of the top two Create-Your-Own effectiveness cycles demonstrating how you have listened, acted, and learned from your community to improve your project’s work by March 15th, 2018.

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